Active questions tagged putty - Super User most recent 30 from 2019-05-26T21:36:10Z 1 How to open PuTTY terminal directly, without configuration window? T.Todua 2018-01-29T18:45:22Z 2019-05-26T07:44:02Z <p>When you open Putty,the configuration window is shown:</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a></p> <p>Is there any way, to directly open Terminal, without that welcome (configuration) window? Where I can start typing the codes directly, like: <code>ssh -p 80</code></p> 0 PUTTY Network error: Connection refused Laura 2019-05-24T10:22:17Z 2019-05-24T13:51:47Z <p>I'm asking if I can connect from windows 10 to Windows Server 2012 R2 using Putty. I try that, but got a refused connection.</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Putty console</a></p> <p>Thanks in advance.</p> -1 Connecting a Cisco 3750E Switch using putty Rayne 2014-03-06T10:44:43Z 2019-05-24T00:02:26Z <p>I'm trying to connect to a Cisco 3570E switch through the console using putty.</p> <p>I have the following configurations on putty:</p> <pre><code>Serial line: COM1 Speed: 9600 Data bits: 8 Stop bits: 1 Parity: None Flow Control: None </code></pre> <p>When I click "Open", I just see a black window with a green cursor. It doesn't react to any keys I press (including "Enter"), and there's no prompt. I've tried "XON/XOFF" for Flow Control, and it's the same.</p> <p>How can I connect to the switch?</p> 0 Can Keepass open a SSH terminal on putty and run a command Bruno Lemos 2019-05-23T19:17:10Z 2019-05-23T19:17:10Z <p>I was able to configure my KeePass to open a Putty terminal, using stored user and password with no problem. </p> <p>Since I always need to log into the terminal run a specific command before anything else, is there a way to add this command to the KeePass URL, so it's executed as soon as the terminal is opened?</p> <p>My current URL is</p> <pre><code>cmd://putty -load "Default Settings" {TITLE} -l {USERNAME} -pw {PASSWORD} </code></pre> <p>I'm using KeePass on windows, if that makes a difference.</p> 0 How to set up WinSCP to transfer a file to a remote ABCI server MNM 2019-05-21T05:40:26Z 2019-05-23T05:29:12Z <p>Hello I am trying to connect to a ABCI System User Environment and I cannot perform a scp to save my life. I have tried two approaches; 1) is use unbuntu linux bash command for windows (the app you have to install from the window store). and the second approach is with WinSCP and Putty. I have generated a public key and loaded up on the ABCI system. And I can tunnel into the server and login correctly and view files. But when I try to upload a zip file to the server I get denied access. Can someone help me set up the WinSCP correctly to tunnel into the server?</p> <p>Here is the information that I have</p> <p>For the tunnel ssh</p> <pre><code>local port: 11022 remote host and port: es.abci.local:22 remote port: 22 </code></pre> <p>For a session </p> <pre><code>hostname: </code></pre> <p>And in putty this is all set up and works perfectly. As I followed this directions <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"></a> But I still cannot scp a file into my local folder how can I do that? Thank you for any help with this.</p> <p>Oh and I do know for putty scp I need to use this instead of the typical scp</p> <pre><code>pscp -scp -P 110022 myusername@localhost:/place to copy to/ </code></pre> <p>I found out how to get the logs from WinSCP These are the log output</p> <pre><code>2019-05-21 14:06:54.720 Server offered these authentication methods: publickey . 2019-05-21 14:06:54.720 Offered public key ! 2019-05-21 14:06:54.738 Server refused our key . 2019-05-21 14:06:54.782 Server refused our key . 2019-05-21 14:06:54.782 Server offered these authentication methods: publickey . 2019-05-21 14:06:54.902 [Tunnel] Closing connection. . 2019-05-21 14:06:54.902 [Tunnel] Sending special code: 12 . 2019-05-21 14:06:54.902 [Tunnel] Sent EOF message . 2019-05-21 14:06:54.902 Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey) * 2019-05-21 14:06:54.966 (EFatal) Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey) * 2019-05-21 14:06:54.967 Authentication log (see session log for details): * 2019-05-21 14:06:54.967 Using username "abc10808va". * 2019-05-21 14:06:54.967 Server refused our key. * 2019-05-21 14:06:54.967 * 2019-05-21 14:06:54.967 Authentication failed. </code></pre> 0 Unable to get MiniEdit working using SSH Will Richards 2019-05-23T03:18:08Z 2019-05-23T03:18:08Z <p>I am having difficulty getting MiniEdit to work using SSH. Upon importing the appliance into VirtualBox I logged in and ran the command</p> <pre><code>sudo apt install xinit </code></pre> <p>I then changed the network adaptor to host only from NAT so I could log in with SSH but when I ran the command</p> <pre><code> sudo ~/mininet/examples/ </code></pre> <p>I got the error:</p> <pre><code> _tkinter.TclError: no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable </code></pre> <p>so I tried startx but it just told me the user I was running under wasn't authorised and I tried it in the VM itself and it worked. My question is how do I get it working in PuTTY. I've even tried running it with the Windows Powershell SSH client</p> <p>Is my only option using the VM itself?</p> 0 Effeciently delete thousands of files with similar but different names Jetsetskyking 2019-05-20T21:51:09Z 2019-05-22T19:54:52Z <p>I need to delete thousands of files that have similar names but different endings. They were created by malware that attacked a client's shared hosting and infected multiple wordpress sites. I'm using SSH in place of the cPanel file manager because it won't let me delete that many files at once. </p> <p>The files are all named <code>work.php.xxxx</code> The x's represent numbers between 0 - 9999 i.e "<code>work.php.2048</code>" They are all in one folder.</p> <p>Is there an SSH command that would allow me to delete them and only them in mass?</p> <p>This is different from the suggested duplicate because the files all have unique endings after the .php extension, the suggested solution to that problem would not work for me.</p> 2 Using encrypted SSH key generated by PuTTYgen when connecting via SSH with PuTTY Eärendil Baggins 2019-05-22T00:43:58Z 2019-05-22T06:11:54Z <p>I generated my public/private key couple with PuTTYgen, and now I want to use them to connect to a remote Linux host via SSH. However, PuTTYgen prompted me to save the private key "with a password" (I guess it means encrypted), and I did. What steps should I take to use said key to connect via SSH to a server?</p> 18 How to SCP from linux server to Windows client pnongrata 2012-04-20T16:02:59Z 2019-05-22T05:31:53Z <p>I'm SSHing into a Linux machine using PuTTY and trying to copy a file down somewhere (anywhere) to my local machine. I <em>figure</em> SCP is the best candidate for the job but don't really care, so long as the solution works!</p> <p>I <code>cd</code> to the directory containing the file I want (<code>app.war</code>) and type the following:</p> <pre><code>scp app.war ./ </code></pre> <p>I've tried both to no avail:</p> <pre><code>scp app.war ./C:/Users/myUser/ scp app.war ./Users/myUser/ </code></pre> <p>It got me thinking that perhaps SCP is a client/server tool and requires a client on my Windows machine, which isn't there.</p> <p>Am I just using the wrong syntax? Or am I way off-base? If so, what options do I have? Thanks in advance!</p> 0 Why can't putty connect to a host while another ssh client can? nima 2019-05-16T13:35:43Z 2019-05-18T13:38:38Z <p>I use putty to ssh into a couple of hosts. All these hosts allow both public key authentication and password authentication. I was able to login to these hosts previously, but suddenly for some of them I get "Network error: Software caused connection abort" shortly after I attempt to log in.<br> I tried to log ssh packets and this is the last lines of log file when I try to use my private key to login:</p> <pre><code>Event Log: Sent public key signature Incoming packet #0x6, type 52 / 0x34 (SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_SUCCESS) Event Log: Access granted Event Log: Opening session as main channel Outgoing packet #0x7, type 90 / 0x5a (SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN) [some raw data] </code></pre> <p>And the when I try to use password:</p> <pre><code>Event Log: Sent password Incoming packet #0x6, type 52 / 0x34 (SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_SUCCESS) Event Log: Access granted Event Log: Opening session as main channel Outgoing packet #0x8, type 90 / 0x5a (SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN) [some raw data] </code></pre> <p>I also tried <code>plink -v</code> and this is the last lines of the output:</p> <p>When using public key:</p> <pre><code>Sent public key signature Access granted Opening session as main channel </code></pre> <p>When using password:</p> <pre><code>Sent password Access granted Opening session as main channel </code></pre> <p>All of these result in <strong>Network error: Software caused connection abort</strong>.</p> <p><em>I can log in to these hosts using ssh command that comes with git bash (OpenSSH_7.6p1, OpenSSL 1.0.2n) without any problems. I am also able to log in to some other hosts using putty.</em></p> <p>I did all these tests on same computer and same network.</p> <p>How can I find the cause of this problem?</p> <p>I use putty 0.70. These are log records from server which I'm pretty sure are related to some of my failed login attempts, and maybe it's worth noting that I am the only one who has access to this host, so these data are related to activity of a single user:</p> <pre><code>04:42:46 static sshd[14329]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0) 04:43:36 static sshd[14335]: Accepted password for root from [my-ip-address] port 1111 ssh2 04:43:36 static sshd[14335]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0) 04:48:11 static sshd[14335]: Received disconnect from [my-ip-address] port 1111:11: disconnected by user 04:48:11 static sshd[14335]: Disconnected from [my-ip-address] port 1111 04:48:11 static sshd[14335]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user root 04:48:15 static sshd[14365]: Accepted password for root from [my-ip-address] port 1125 ssh2 04:48:15 static sshd[14365]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0) 04:52:25 static sshd[14365]: Received disconnect from [my-ip-address] port 1125:11: disconnected by user 04:52:25 static sshd[14365]: Disconnected from [my-ip-address] port 1125 04:52:25 static sshd[14365]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user root 04:52:29 static sshd[14404]: Accepted password for root from [my-ip-address] port 1135 ssh2 04:52:29 static sshd[14404]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0) 04:58:39 static sshd[14324]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user root 04:59:17 static sshd[14404]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user root 04:59:43 static sshd[14329]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user root </code></pre> <p>I can see according to timestamps my sessions overlapped, but on my side all my log in attempts resulted in error.<br> I updated putty to 0.71 and I could connect to the host using the exact same settings. Also, when using version 0.70 on another network, I could successfully log in to the host.</p> <p>Although I managed to log in to the host, my question still stands and I'd appreciate if someone could tell me how I can investigate the root cause of the problem.</p> 1 Why I cannot get USSD notification but just an OK as a response from a GSM provider from a GSM modem? Syfu_H 2019-05-18T00:45:32Z 2019-05-18T02:47:27Z <p>I am trying to build a C++ application to transfer credit from GSM network to another user.</p> <p>In my country we have multiple GSM providers: Djezzy, Mobilis and Oreedo.</p> <p>So downloaded and first tried PuTTY as well as HyperTerminal to test AT Commands before writing some C++ application based on those commands:</p> <p>I tried Huawei E169 which is a USB GSM Modem. So on Oreedo provider we use the USSD code to get credit balance: <code>*200#</code> and I issue this command:</p> <pre><code>AT+CUSD=1,"*200#",15 </code></pre> <p>It returns me the balance of my SIM credit as a charm. But when I try to get the equivalent balance from Mobilis for example using the USSD code: <code>*222#</code> to get the credit balance I just get “OK” but no balance information is there.</p> <p>The interesting thing is: If I use my Samsung Galaxy J5 as a USB modem (after installing its driver), after I use the USSD Code:</p> <pre><code>AT+CUSD=1,"*222#",15 </code></pre> <p>I get only OK on PuTTY or HyperTerminal but I can see the USSD balance notification is on my phone!? although I requested it from an application running on my laptop?!!!</p> <p>I am stuck here. What I want to do is to be able to get the balance or any query I do as I intended. </p> <p>Does this belong to the GSM provider or some settings of the ports like listening or anything else I am missing?</p> 5 Putty: how to supress security alerts? user78041 2010-02-12T20:12:24Z 2019-05-17T20:26:46Z <p>How can I disable security alerts like "The server's host key is not cached in registry, bla-bla-bla", "host identity is changed, there is man-in-the middle", etc</p> <p>They are needless in cloud hosting environment, where a lot of new server instances appear. And also, it is quite normal if there eventually will be a new server on the same IP.</p> <p>In linux ssh client I have done it with the following lines in my .bashrc:<pre> alias ssh='ssh -o "StrictHostKeyChecking no" -o "UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null" -o "CheckHostIP=no"' alias scp='scp -o "StrictHostKeyChecking no" -o "UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null" -o "CheckHostIP=no"' </pre> But how to do it in putty?</p> 0 How to connect putty to a raspberry through serveo to use as proxy on Ubuntu? Efraín 2019-05-17T15:46:50Z 2019-05-17T15:46:50Z <p>I'm trying to use a raspberry as a proxy to navigate from my work, but i'm having problems connecting to it on putty, following the steps from <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">here</a> on Ubuntu. I connected my raspberry to serveo with</p> <pre><code>ssh -R myalias:22:localhost:22 </code></pre> <p>With this i can connect to my raspberry using</p> <pre><code>ssh -o ProxyCommand="ssh -W myalias:22" user@myalias </code></pre> <p>Then i go to configure putty using the steps from <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">here</a> (I only do the putty steps, the connectbot no), and configure the tunnel as in the first link, but when i try to open connection to the raspberry, it launches this error</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Putty error</a></p> <p>Also, on the console it appears <code>Store key in cache? (y/n)</code> but i can't write any option, since immediatly launches above error. I tried using the -hostkey option from plink, but still the same problem. What could the problem be and what can i do to solve it?</p> 1 Decrypt file from private key .ppk Junior Rahardian 2016-08-25T04:02:41Z 2019-05-16T02:00:55Z <p>I got a file from our developer, those file on (private key = file.ppk), (public key = pub.asc), and (encrypt file = file-encrypt.txt.pgp). For some reason who create this file have been resign and just give all file above and passphrase. I try to decypt that file using cleopatra but cleopatra don't know the type of file file.ppk. Any idea how to convert maybe or another choice to decrypt that files?</p> <p>Many thanks and appreciate for the solution.</p> <p>Regards,</p> 0 How can I use Tab-Completion in PuTTY connecting to HUAWEI ENSP? user1036648 2019-05-15T16:27:16Z 2019-05-15T16:32:51Z <p>I use PuTTY to connect to HUAWEI ENSP. I would like to use Tab-Completion when I telnet ENSP. but when I press Tab ,it's just display "^I".How can I configure it?</p> <p>[snap picture<a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">][1]</a></p> 0 How to update multiple projects' PuTTY keys at once mbomb007 2019-05-14T19:22:57Z 2019-05-14T19:28:03Z <p>I have multiple projects that use the same PuTTY key in TortoiseGit. Is there a way to update all of the settings at once for all of the projects, rather than going in to the <code>TortoiseGit &gt; Settings &gt; Git &gt; Remote &gt; Putty key</code> for each project individually (for example if I change the key)?</p> 1 How to add commands to the target line of your Putty shortcut Tyler Nolf 2012-12-06T15:44:05Z 2019-05-12T20:01:00Z <p>I was able to create a shortcut on my desktop for Putty by using the <strong><em>"file path" -load -l -pw </em></strong> format. My question is: Can there be more commands added to the end of that so that I can access different directories or run a script automatically?</p> <p>If so, what are the commands, like -load, -l and -pw, for running scripts and, for example, changing directories?</p> -2 Can't log into Vultre VPS Ubuntu with ssh RSA puTTY public key on windows Latvia Riga 2019-05-02T21:04:55Z 2019-05-12T17:47:32Z <p>I was not able to log into VPS (Vulture) with my puTTY public key. </p> <p>I generated the public and private key, but got an error "Server refused our keys".</p> 0 Raspberry Pi Zero Headless Setup ssh access over usb cable Maldini26 2019-05-07T13:18:30Z 2019-05-10T07:32:57Z <p>I am currently trying to set up my brand new raspberry pi zero using just a usb cable, an sd card, and a computer. I followed <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">this tutorial</a> when trying to connect to the raspberry pi. I downloaded the latest <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Raspbian image: Raspbian stretch with desktop</a> and etched it onto an sd card, then did everything the tutorial asked up to step 9, which I could not complete. some of the things I did are below:</p> <p>Append <code>dtoverlay=dwc2</code> into the config.txt file.</p> <p>Add <code>modules-load=dwc2,g_ether</code> to the cmdline.txt file in the specified location</p> <p>Created an empty file titled ssh. I also installed bonjour and PuTTY, however when I try to connect to the pi via ssh on putty by typing in <code>raspberrypi.local</code> in the Host Name(or IP address) text field and opening the connection, the following message comes up:</p> <p>"Unable to open connection to raspberrypi.local Host does not exist"</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">image of error message</a></p> <p>This is my first time using a raspberry pi, can someone please tell me why this is happening, and how I should fix it so I can connect to the pi and set it up?</p> 0 Can't seem to connect to a Google VM Instance thru putty kenjiro jaucian 2019-05-09T06:10:20Z 2019-05-09T06:10:20Z <p>I'm having trouble connecting to my VM instance using <a href="">this guide</a>. I am using the PUTTY for windows methods, but whenever I try to connect, putty puts out an error message saying that "Network error: Connection timed out." </p> 0 Getting “bad passphrase” after converting private key from PPK to OpenSSH It's an account 2019-05-07T19:36:13Z 2019-05-07T19:36:13Z <p>I've been using a private key generated via PuttyGEN for quite a while now, but never had to use it outside of Windows.</p> <p>I'm trying to use it from a Unix-context, so have converted it using PuttyGEN to OpenSSH format (tried both standard and force-format change options).</p> <p>However, when I try to add it:</p> <pre><code>eval `ssh-agent` ssh-add id_rsa </code></pre> <p>I'm prompted for my password, which I literally copy+paste my response to Pageant when adding it in a Windows context, and instead received this message:</p> <pre><code>Bad passphrase, try again for id_rsa </code></pre> <p>At first I thought it was how I was moving the file was causing the issue (WinSCP), but both text / binary transfer result in the same issue, but even still, opened up a Git Bash session on Windows and I receive the same error there.</p> <p>Furthermore, when I load the now OpenSSH key using Puttygen, it asks for the password, which it accepts, telling me:</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">enter image description here</a></p> <p>[Cloned from Stackoverflow, days later] After playing around with Puttygen and transforming back and forward, I think this has something to do with special characters (specifically £, which is used in my original key) in the pass phrase, as I can consistently replicate this by creating a key with a pass phrase involving that character, that I can't use when transforming back/forth.</p> 0 Putty Window inactive after certain time user28724 2015-06-22T05:03:46Z 2019-05-06T20:02:30Z <p>I am currently processing on a server. I am using Putty to do this. As I am running multiple processes (8), I am using multiple cores as well. After a certain time (2-3 days) I get an error saying:</p> <pre><code>PuTTY Network Error: Software caused connection abort. </code></pre> <p>Then my Putty window's status turns to inactive. </p> <p>Here are my questions:</p> <ol> <li>Where does this come from?</li> <li>As most of my files have been processed, is it possible to reactivate Putty in order to continue the processing?</li> </ol> 0 Putty installation error on Mac Mustaq Syed 2019-05-05T19:47:01Z 2019-05-05T21:19:58Z <p>(putty:46267): Gtk-WARNING **: 18:19:11.146: cannot open display: i was trying to install putty in mac majavo 10.14.4 but facing with the above error. I have followed all the steps:</p> <ol> <li>Install Xcode.</li> <li>Install Command Line Tools From Apple Account.</li> <li>Launch the terminal, found in /Applications/ Utilities, type this command: Xcode-select –install.</li> <li>Download and install Quartz.</li> <li>Download and install MacPorts.</li> <li>sudo port -v selfupdate.</li> <li>Type this command sudo port install putty.</li> </ol> <p>Could someone assist further.</p> 2 Cant access router login page.connection refused hacker red 2017-05-08T19:03:21Z 2019-05-04T18:17:34Z <p>I just installed wrt firmware (it was compatible with my <strong>TPlink TL-Wr 740n</strong>) and it installed successfully but now when I tried default getaway I can't access router login page.I tried PUTTY.I tried hard reset several times.<strong>ipconfig /renew | Release</strong> are both not working either.I verified several times that default gateway is's responding to ping but no login page.Any suggestions, please</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a></p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a></p> 0 Troubleshooting X11 Forwarding after an SSH tunnel to an EC2 Instance johnsiano 2019-05-04T07:04:24Z 2019-05-04T07:12:51Z <p>I am doing an SSH tunnel to an AWS EC2 instance with the eventual goal of getting a working GUI of Stata. </p> <p>I've done the SSH connection both through PuTTY and through just my CLI (Git Bash). </p> <p>When I run xstata through my CLI I get an error message to define the Unix environment variable DISPLAY. I fix this error message by doing </p> <pre><code>export DISPLAY='IP:0.0' </code></pre> <p>where IP is the IP address of my local computer.</p> <p>Then, when I run xstata, nothing pops up and nothing is returned in my CLI. I get the same result after doing the SSH tunnel through PuTTY. With PuTTY, I set the display location to be localhost:0 (shown in the screenshot below). The screenshot below shows my PuTTY X11 Forwarding configuration.</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">PuTTY Configuration</a></p> <p>I do have Xming and XLaunch installed on my local computer. </p> <p>Any suggestions? I think the display location I am providing may be incorrect. All the different configurations I have tried based off docs and also feedback from others on the internet, such as localhost:0, IP:0, etc have not worked. I've also tried using the -X option when doing the ssh, to no avail. </p> 2 How can I save SSH tunnel settings with multi-factor authentication in PuTTY or mRemoteNG? Daniel 2019-05-03T07:07:24Z 2019-05-03T21:09:15Z <p>Our company manages hundreds of Linux servers which would be nice to keep organized in a tool like mRemoteNG.</p> <p>The problem is, all our servers are inside a private network that can only be connected through a gateway server. We use SSH tunneling for this.</p> <p>There are a few tools out there that offer saving a tunnel profile before connecting to a server, but our gateway server has a two-factor authentication check (SSH keyboard-interactive authentication) which most tools seem to get blocked by.</p> <p>Is there a way to set up PuTTY or any other tool to recognize the 2-FA on the tunnel so I can confirm the verification code before moving on?</p> <p>I know this is possible because WinSCP does it on its SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) connections:</p> <blockquote> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="WinSCP authentication process"></a></p> </blockquote> 19 ConEmu: How to attach putty kjv.007 2015-08-24T09:49:11Z 2019-05-03T02:31:14Z <p>I have been trying to open a new putty window inside as one of ConEmu Tab, but no success so far, I've tried many combinations.</p> <pre><code>putty.exe -cur_console:b -ssh USER@DOMAIN 22 -pw PASSWORD putty.exe -new_console -ssh USER@DOMAIN 22 -pw PASSWORD ConEmu.exe /single /cmd putty.exe -cur_console:b -ssh USER@DOMAIN 22 -pw PASSWORD ConEmuC.exe /ATTACH /ROOT putty.exe -cur_console:b -ssh USER@DOMAIN 22 -pw PASSWORD </code></pre> <p>what will happen is putty will be open in a new window outside ConEmu</p> 0 AWS - Disconnected : No supported authentication methods available (server sent :publickey) Debashish Dwivedi 2017-11-03T09:26:19Z 2019-05-03T02:01:45Z <p>I am facing the issue in connecting server via putty. The error is showing me is "Server Refused our key: AWS - Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent:publickey)".</p> <p>I am logging in with username " ubuntu ".I checked lots of websites but I didn't find any solution. I create a new key-pair file( .pem ) and tried again that's also is not working. I am using the same key name for the pem file. Then using pem file I am creating a ppk file and then it is not working</p> 1 Unable to git with plink Enrico 2019-05-02T13:58:10Z 2019-05-02T13:58:10Z <p>I need to configure git with putty on a windows-7 machine behind a corporate proxy. I had no problem to configure putty/pageant with a specific session for </p> <p>I have problems trying to configure git to use plink as ssh default command. Here are the steps that I have tried:</p> <ul> <li>I did a fresh install of git (in <code>C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Programs\Git</code> given that i don't own admin rights on the machine), selecting plink as the default ssh executable. </li> <li>I have added plink to the env variable. (<code>$ echo "$GIT_SSH"</code> returns <code>C:\Program Files\PuTTY\plink.exe</code>)</li> <li>I have added in .gitconfig the following lines:</li> </ul> <pre><code> [core] editor = code --wait sshCommand = 'C:\\Program Files\\PuTTY\\plink.exe' [ssh] variant = plink </code></pre> <p>If in git-bash, if I type <code>plink</code> works as expected, while if I type <code>ssh -v</code> I see:<code>OpenSSH_7.9p1, OpenSSL 1.1.1a 20 Nov 2018</code> <code>debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config</code>. Git-bash is still trying to use openssh as the ssh executable.</p> <p>Is there any other way I can use to force git to use plink? Many thanks for your help!</p> <p>Git for Windows v2.21, plink 0.70.</p> 0 PuTTY on Windows 10 showing Connection Timed Out sumanth umesh 2018-05-22T07:01:46Z 2019-05-02T11:01:30Z <p>I installed PuTTY on windows 10 to connect to a workstation. On entering the IP address it remains idle for a while and says Fatal Error, Connection Timed Out. I tried disabling my firewall and turning off my anti-virus(K7 total security) but still no use. Can anybody help resolve this issue? 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