Active questions tagged windows - Super User most recent 30 from 2019-09-16T06:48:13Z -1 Windows 10 microphone not working version 1803 boydoroqlu 2019-09-13T17:01:06Z 2019-09-16T06:45:41Z <p>I formatted my computer from Windows settings a few weeks ago. Since then, my microphone does not work. I switched all privacy settings for mic ON and I re-installed Realtek a few times. </p> <p>I thought it might be a physical problem, so I bought a USB adapter for microphone and audio. Still doesn't work. </p> <p>I don't know what to do, please help.</p> <p>If you need further information, please ask me in comments.</p> 0 VMWare Workstation 14 Pro on Windows 10 Nic3500 2019-06-19T21:34:58Z 2019-09-16T06:09:31Z <p>At work they just updated my Windows 7 to Windows 10. VMWare Workstations Pro 14 was installed by them over Windows 7. I had a couple VMs that worked fine.</p> <p>After the update, VMWare would not start, claiming that a dll was incompatible. The IT admin (ya I know, I am not admin on my work laptop! HAAA!) uninstalled it and installed it again.</p> <p>Now my MVs do not start anymore. When I try to start a VM that existed before I get:</p> <ul> <li><strong>1st start</strong>: <code>Cannot find a valid peer process to connect to.</code></li> <li><strong>2nd start</strong>: loops for ever on the vmware startup black page, with the rotating square.</li> </ul> <p>I tried creating a brand new VM. It just stays on the VMWare startup page with the square that rotates, for ever. It is stuck so well that I have to reboot. I cannot kill VMWare while it is "looping" like that, since it claims the VM is busy. I left it looping for 2 hours, so I know it is not a "wait it out" issue.</p> <p>I looked at:</p> <ul> <li>console messages in VMWare: nothing</li> <li>events in Windows, nothing</li> <li>reseach into the issue turned out only pages about VMWare Fusion on Mac...</li> <li>Turned on the BIOS setting for virtualization.</li> <li>Made sure Hyper-V does not run.</li> </ul> <p>Any ideas of what I could look into next? My IT department will not help, as they are clueless when it goes beyond a mousepad issue.</p> <p>VMWare Workstation 14 Pro, 14.1.1 build-7528167, fully licensed.</p> <p>Thanks!</p> 0 How can I manually track down and uninstall a specific malicious program that doesn't get picked up by anti-malware? Kyle Delaney 2019-09-16T02:53:33Z 2019-09-16T02:53:33Z <p>I am in the unfortunate position of using Windows 8.1 on my home PC and being haunted by a recurring piece of malware. Normally, Windows Defender works fine to keep my PC clean but this one particular program is never picked up by Windows Defender or Malwarebytes and I can't look it up because the file name is randomized. Most times when I start Windows I see this:</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"><img src="" alt="Automatic update"></a></p> <p>It's a special sort of modal dialog that's always on top and cannot be moved/resized. I open Task Manager and I look for a randomized file name about 10 characters long and I end that process to get rid of the window. Then I go to my roaming folder and delete the file of the same name that has appeared there.</p> <p>So my question is this: since I know exactly where the file will appear but I don't know where it's coming from, is there some way to set a "trap" for it? Is there any way to monitor my roaming folder so that any program that tries to move or create a file there will get recorded, so I can see where the action originates? And is there any other strategy I should consider for eliminating this malware?</p> 0 Trouble booting usb with rca w101 v2 tablet with uefi bios birddseedd 2019-07-03T02:14:28Z 2019-09-16T01:52:03Z <p>So this make me feel like a noob again. It seems like this tablet (rca w101 v2) simply is not able to boot a usb device. There is nowhere in the bios to enable legacy usb or similar. the fn f7 (choose boot location menu) doesn't seem to show it. Is there anything i'm missing? I'm supposed to be able to copy the install files to a fat32 usb drive and boot that way with uefi, but for the life of me I can not get this thing to boot a usb drive. And the built in restore methods seem to be hosed by the user.</p> <p>thanks</p> 0 Creating bootable Windows USB Drive on macOS, doesn't boot on PC Carpetfizz 2019-09-16T01:01:45Z 2019-09-16T01:01:45Z <p>I followed <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Method 2</a> of the linked article to create a Windows 10 bootable USB disk. When I try booting from it on my PC, I just see a blinking <code>_</code> indefinitely.</p> <p>I tried using Method 1 (unetbootin) but it seemed to freeze at copying over 415/940 files.</p> <p>Does anyone have any other successful approaches for creating a bootable Windows 10 USB disk, or know how to troubleshoot my installation?</p> <p>Thanks!</p> 0 How to change file permissions - Windows XP Home Edition ZaneStudios 2017-11-28T05:57:54Z 2019-09-15T23:03:51Z <p>I have an executable file that I want to run on my PC. I am running Windows XP Home Edition SP3. When I try to run it, I get a popup saying that access is denied and that I might not have the appropriate permissions. Since there isn't a security tab in file properties on Windows XP I didn't know what to do. I did some research and I found out that you could make the security tab visible by un-selecting "simple file sharing" in the folder view options. Then I found out that only Windows XP Professional Edition has this option. I am wondering if there is any other way to change file permissions.</p> -1 Which versions of Windows have NFS clients? andrew.punnett 2019-09-15T21:17:43Z 2019-09-15T22:23:23Z <p>Which versions of Windows currently support mounting of Network File System (NFS) shares without the installation of 3rd party software?</p> <p>I know that Windows 10 Enterprise editions have always had an NFS client and recently Microsoft has extended this to Windows 10 Pro, but I can't find much information about Windows 10 Home or previous versions of Windows.</p> 5 Is possible—in Windows 10—to display additional calendars? Artium 2017-10-09T20:21:37Z 2019-09-15T22:18:25Z <p>Is possible—in Windows 10—to display additional calendars. </p> <p>I wish to display a Hebrew calendar. </p> <p>It is not part of the standard options but I am aware that some experimental features in Windows 10 can be turned on with registry tweaks. Would this be one of them?</p> <p>Is anyone aware of an option that would allow calendars not listed here?</p> <p><a href="" rel="noreferrer"><img src="" alt="enter image description here"></a></p> 2 Windows 10 Command Prompt: Running Programs freeze until Ctrl+C Xharlie 2016-04-18T17:58:50Z 2019-09-15T22:00:30Z <p>I have been using the command prompt in Windows 10 quite a lot, lately, running stuff like Node.js and Apache Tomcat servers, and I have noticed an odd problem: every now and then, the programs stop responding (in the case of these two, stop serving requests) so I focus the command-prompt window and press Ctrl+C to kill the program, intending to start it again. When I do so, however, the program immediately resumes as if it had been suspended or stuck on a debug breakpoint.</p> <p>I have noticed it with several programs - not just Node and Tomcat - and want to know how/why this happens and how to stop it from happening - it is a very large problem for me - I am trying to write software using these two servers and can never tell whether my code broke or whether the command prompt just froze up.</p> 2 How to merge the contents of different directories into one directory Suiden 2019-09-13T11:09:35Z 2019-09-15T20:30:31Z <p>I have my data stored on 2 NTFS volumes E: and F:. They both contain a directory called <code>Storage</code> that has multiple sub-directories, different on every drive, such as:</p> <pre><code>E:\Storage\My Stuff E:\Storage\My Old Stuff </code></pre> <p>and</p> <p><code>F:\Storage\My New Stuff</code>.</p> <p>I would like to have them all in one place, i.e. have a virtual drive X: that contains directory <code>Storage</code> whose contents is:</p> <pre><code>My Old Stuff My New Stuff My Stuff </code></pre> <p>Requirements:</p> <ul> <li>the content of <code>X:\Storage</code> has to be the combined contents of <code>E:\Storage</code> and <code>F:\Storage</code>.</li> <li><code>X:\Storage</code> has to be a 'virtual' directory that does not contain actual data. I.e. I do not want to move the data from <code>E:\Storage</code> to <code>X:\Storage</code>.</li> <li><code>X:\Storage</code> has to be browsable using Windows Explorer.</li> <li>changes made to the content of either <code>E:\Storage</code> and <code>F:\Storage</code> have to be visible in <code>X:\Storage</code>.</li> <li>if both <code>E:\Storage\Same</code> and <code>F:\Storage\Same</code> exist, then <code>X:\Storage</code> should contain both these directories -- not only one of them.</li> <li><code>X:\Storage</code> is allowed to be read-only. Write access is nice-to-have though.</li> </ul> <p>Should this be implemented as a virtual file system, or is it an easier way to achieve this?</p> 1 All programs non-responsive after hibernation in Windows 7 mac230 2019-09-13T12:14:14Z 2019-09-15T19:09:07Z <p>I'm having issues waking my Windows 7, 64 bit system from hibernation. Here's what happened and what I've tried to solve the issue:</p> <ol> <li>have been successfully hibernating and waking this PC for many years</li> <li>was trying to speed up performance and tried disabling some services via "msconfig" (bad idea, it seems)</li> <li>now all programs become non-responsive when the PC wakes from hibernation. It does not seem program-specific and I cannot start a new process via the Task Manager. </li> <li>all programs are non-responsive in the same way after waking from sleep as well. </li> <li>Everything works fine with <em>either</em> a full restart or just logging off and logging back in through the same account. </li> </ol> <p>Steps I've take to try to fix:</p> <ol> <li>re-enable all services/startup via msconfig - intriguingly, this causes the programs to be responsive again for ~1 minute, before they all freeze again</li> <li>disable/re-enable hibernation via command prompt to delete hiberfil.sys - no difference; still hangs on waking.</li> <li>ran the system file checker via SFC /scannow - no corrupt files found; still hangs on waking. </li> <li>tried a clean boot of the system - problem still persists in this mode.</li> <li>chkdsk result is no problems found</li> </ol> <p>Any help with this issue is much appreciated. Thanks. </p> 1 Launch Windows tray application from cmd Ankush sinha 2019-09-15T14:55:19Z 2019-09-15T16:53:56Z <p>How can I launch Windows tray application in separate window from cmd?</p> <p>Please note: I have already used start command to launch the application but it is just running the process of application in Task Manager, not launching it. However, the same application can be launched by clicking on it from tray.</p> 0 Windows 7 Ctrl+Shift+Start/End/Page up/Page Down globally stops working after a while ... Putty? user992154788 2019-09-15T13:57:36Z 2019-09-15T15:05:02Z <p>I don't know how to narrow down this error. I need those key combinations.</p> <p>On Windows 7 with some editors like Notepad++.</p> <p>Only Chrome (+ Console), PSPad and Putty are in use.<br> This issue is new since a few weeks.<br> Is it possible that Putty is causing this?</p> 7 How to uninstall Paint on Windows 10? Nate 2015-03-20T17:41:05Z 2019-09-15T14:26:06Z <p>In previous versions of Windows I believe Paint could be disabled in <code>Programs and Features-&gt;Turn Windows features on or off</code>, however in Windows 10 I don't see Paint in there.</p> <p>How do I get this piece of software off my computer?</p> 11 How to mount a samba share on non-standard port? hpsMouse 2014-01-17T07:26:05Z 2019-09-15T14:03:18Z <p>The firewall on my network drops all packets on TCP port 139 and 445. So all samba shares don't work outside the LAN.</p> <p>I tried letting the samba daemon listen on a non-standard port. This method works well for linux, because both <code>smbclient</code> and <code>smbmount</code> has an option to set server port. But on windows I cannot find a similar option.</p> <p>Does Windows support mounting smb shares on non-standard ports? Third-party softwares are also acceptable.</p> <hr> <p>Edit: </p> <p><code>\\hostname:port\share</code> in Windows explorer doesn't work. Strangely, I can see the connection is established on the server. But Windows keeps telling me that the server couldn't be reached. It doesn't work even in LAN with standard port 445, in which case a path without port number will get through.</p> 0 Abode Flash Player 14 Active X "Failed to register" Error Windows 8.1 bijay135 2014-08-25T16:30:59Z 2019-09-15T14:01:40Z <p>I am trying to install Flash player 14 ActiveX plug-in for Windows 7 in Windows 8.1. </p> <p>You might say Windows 8. 1 already has it but I have a program which specifically needs the ActiveX plug-in for Windows 7 from the Adobe website.</p> <p>It was fine until some days ago I could install Flash Player very correctly but now I get this error when installing flash player "FAILED TO REGISTER" every time and it's driving me nuts. I need to install Flash Player so my program can use it.</p> <p>I'm installing this <code>install_flashplayer14x32ax_mssd_aaa_aih</code></p> <p>And I also tried this solution on the <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Microsoft website</a> using <code>subinacl</code> and <code>reset_fp11</code> but it doesn't seem to work,</p> <blockquote> <ol> <li>Uninstall (clean) any of your adobe flash player files. See the instruction and file to download: <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"></a></li> <li>Reboot your computer.</li> <li>You must have administrator privileges to successfully complete these instructions.</li> </ol> <p>Warning! The following solution involves the Windows System Registry. Editing or manipulating the registry incorrectly can result in serious system damage which may require reinstallation of the operating system.</p> <ol start="4"> <li>Follow the instructions to download the SubInACL tool from the Microsoft Download Center. <a href=";displaylang=en" rel="nofollow noreferrer">;displaylang=en</a></li> <li>Download SubInACL in a folder of your choice.</li> <li>Download the file. <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"></a></li> <li>Important: Be sure that both the subinacl.msi and reset_fp10.cmd files are in the same location (folder).</li> <li>Double-click reset_fp10.cmd.</li> <li>This will open a command window and execute the SubInACL tool.</li> <li>Do not use the machine while SubInACL is running.</li> <li>When it is finished you will see "Press any key to continue".</li> <li>Install the Flash Player from</li> </ol> </blockquote> <p>Does anyone have any other solutions to this?</p> 0 My laptop was designed for Windows 7 and has issues with Windows 10. What should I do? No name Anonymous 2019-09-15T08:50:17Z 2019-09-15T12:52:20Z <p>I have bought my laptop in 2011, when Microsoft Windows 7 was latest desktop Windows OS.</p> <p>Today, Windows 7 is dead. There is no reason of installing it for four months.</p> <p>I have attempted to install Windows 8.1 and 10.</p> <p>Windows 10 USB didn't support EFI because of incorrect partitioning.</p> <p>Windows 8.1 stuck in reboot loop with installation error message, so I had to use legacy boot.</p> <p>When installed with legacy boot, both Windows 8.1 and 10 had screen shaking issue (but I forgot to install drivers, because they are labeled 'for Windows 7'). SD card reader didn't work.</p> <p>I have installed Windows 7. It works in EFI mode (but bootloader needs to be fixed from installation media), but it needs Wi‐Fi drivers found on DVD‐ROM. IIRC SD card reader worked in Windows 7, but this time it asked me to format SD card, which I didn't do.</p> <p>On GNU/Linux, SD card reader is working better than on Windows 10, but still cannot read SD cards. I don't know how to install bootloader <em>correctly</em>, because when boot entry is created, system reboots, so it is installed to fallback path.</p> <p>What should I do?</p> -1 How to undo Windows 10 reset by Windows.old folder Sam 2019-09-15T12:38:18Z 2019-09-15T12:38:18Z <p>I reset Windows 10 on my laptop and unfortunately most of my programs are removed afterwards. Their exist a windows backup of my programs in C:\Windows.old folder. I think this folder was created because of the windows reset.</p> <p>How can I undo the windows reset by using the C:\Windows.old folder to get my programs reinstall?</p> 1 Bulk applying thumbs to video files? - Windows 10 Giacomo 2019-09-15T10:59:37Z 2019-09-15T12:34:53Z <p>Example: <img src="" alt="Example"></p> <p>Got this in many of my shows folders. How can I apply the thumbs as the video thumbnails?</p> <p>Found this: <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Tag Editor</a></p> <p>But doesn't work in bulk.</p> <p>Thanks!</p> 0 Windows server 2012 + TServerSocket [migrated] user1090300 2019-09-15T12:16:03Z 2019-09-15T12:16:03Z <p>what I should turn on Windows 2012 server in order to run socket server made with delphi:</p> <pre><code> try ServerSocket1.Port:= StrToInt(Edit1.Text); ServerSocket1.Active:= True; ShowMessage('Connected'); ServerSocket1.Active:= False; except ShowMessage('Connection error'); end; </code></pre> <p>It always returns error.</p> 3 Why doesn't my custom mouse cursor load after restart? Zero Stack 2012-05-08T07:13:41Z 2019-09-15T11:30:09Z <p>I have created a new personal preferences profile in Windows 7 which cycles my background pictures from a custom folder location and changed my mouse cursor. When I save this profile and activate it, everything runs as it should. My problem is when I restart my computer, my mouse cursor is back to the default but my custom background setting is still active. I have to reopen my preferences and click on my profile to activate it. Why doesn't my OS load my cursor automatically ?</p> <p>Things to note:</p> <ul> <li>I am using a logitech G500.</li> <li>OS: Windows 7 (happened within multiple OS builds)</li> <li>I have tried: <ul> <li>Deleting &amp; reinstalling mouse driver</li> <li>Creating new profiles</li> <li>multiple mouses</li> <li>different cursors</li> <li>removed logitech services from the start up</li> </ul></li> </ul> <p>How can I resolve this issue?</p> 2 How to kill child processes spawned by Windows task scheduler? Steve 2019-04-16T09:17:38Z 2019-09-15T10:41:52Z <p>I have a python script that runs forever but I'd like to restart every day just in case it gets into a bad state, gets shut down, etc. I'm scheduling it daily with task scheduler, which is fine. </p> <p>The problem is that my script spawns other processes, and those child processes don't get killed when the task is stopped (ex: when I manually end it, or a new instance of the task runs). The main script is killed, but the child processes are not. I have to kill them manually through task manager. If I run my main script on the command line, instead of through task scheduler, closing the console kills all child processes, as expected.</p> <p>I tried running the task with and without "highest privileges", "if the task does not end when requested, force it to stop", "if the task is already running, stop the existing instance", etc. I've tried running taskkill as the first action of the task. I've tried everything I can think of. I'm running the task as myself, and I'm administrator.</p> <p>The problem seems to be that the child processes spawned by tasks are access protected. I've tried taskkill, pskill, python scripts like this:</p> <pre><code>import psutil for process in psutil.process_iter(): cmdline = process.cmdline() if "" in cmdline: process.terminate() </code></pre> <p>I always get an access denied error. Example from taskkill:</p> <pre><code>c:\&gt;taskkill /f /t /im python.exe ERROR: The process with PID 14436 (child process of PID 7928) could not be terminated. Reason: Access is denied. ERROR: The process with PID 7928 (child process of PID 14324) could not be terminated. Reason: Access is denied. ... </code></pre> <p>Hell, I even tried having my main python script kill its own child process when a termination event comes in, but I don't even get that event with task scheduler, with or without force kill! Again, on a normal command line run, I get termination events as expected. But thwarted by task scheduler once again.</p> <p>This is also very easy to reproduce with a one line batch file that runs a python script. If task scheduler runs the batch file, and you end the task, the python script will not be killed when the task is ended.</p> <p>Any idea why child processes spawned by task scheduler tasks are not killed and how to work around it?</p> <p>Thanks!</p> 0 Prevent OS from modifying partitions JanW 2019-09-15T10:15:20Z 2019-09-15T10:15:20Z <p>I had two drives, both divided into partitions. On first drive:</p> <ul> <li>C: Windows 10</li> <li>D: recovery partition of Windows from E partition </li> </ul> <p>On second drive</p> <ul> <li>E: Windows 10</li> <li>F: Data</li> <li>G: System partition</li> </ul> <p>Some time ago I realized that F partition is missing and seen as unallocated space. I wasn't able to recover it in any way, but fortunately I had sufficient backups made.</p> <p>I'm not sure was what the reason of such behaviour, but some time ago Windows from E partition was updating, so maybe that's the reason.</p> <p>How can I prevent such situations in future? How can I be sure, that OS will not damage my data partition? Does keeping data in separate drive will help? I plan to install Linux soon. How to do it so as not to threaten the security of the data partition?</p> 1 Monitor/Track data sent over internet by an application Akshat Mittal 2013-04-03T12:50:30Z 2019-09-15T10:01:30Z <p>How do I monitor/track (and possibly save) the data that is <strong>sent</strong> over the internet by an application?</p> <p>Example: I have an application "X", it sends some data over the internet, now I want to know what it sent and to whom (or which server). How to do this?</p> <p>The required things would be, What is sent? To which IP:Port? To which Location/URL?</p> <p>Also I would like to <strong>repeat</strong> the network request.</p> <p>I tried TCPview, but it only tells about the IP:Port and nothing else. I also tried Wireshark, but didn't help to get the results (or maybe I missed some options). If this is possible with wireshark, it would be nice. <hr> <strong>Update 1</strong>: I also tried Fiddler 2, which is awesome for sniffing HTTP traffic but not what I want to do.</p> <p>I want to sniff traffic on an IP with port 2100 (amiganetfs), someone said sniffing is possible with Wireshark, but HOW?</p> <hr> <p>I want to do this with an application that seems malicious to me. Any response will be appreciated.</p> 0 Some programs doesn't work after new Windows 10 update (1903 for x64-based systems KB4515384) user1090071 2019-09-14T14:55:12Z 2019-09-15T08:31:31Z <p>Today I updated my Windows and got some problem. Some of my programs such as Facecheck (a game related app), Betternet (VPN), they won't open; after clicking them nothing will happen, even though no error is seen. I ran them as administrator too. Also reinstalled them but nothing changes.</p> <blockquote> <p>solved : I uninstalled the latest update; (1903 for x64-based systems KB4515384) and now I have (1903 for x64-based systems KB4512508)</p> </blockquote> 1 No internet connection because of "error 797 modem was not found" user221573 2017-04-23T18:07:05Z 2019-09-15T06:01:30Z <p>I have Windows 7 Ultimate with a PPPOE over ethernet connection, RJ cable directly plugged to my motherboard.</p> <p>When i try to connect the error occurs.</p> <p>To solve the proble i tried to:</p> <ol> <li>Delete and configure the broadband adapter. And it didn't worked.</li> <li>Then i restore my system from a previous point and sometimes this has worked but for a little.</li> <li>Then i've followed the steps here at <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">Sorcim</a> And they did not solve my problem as well.</li> <li>Then i uninstalled Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller from the device manager, but withou deleting the drivers, this solved my problem for while but after restart the same error popped up.</li> <li>Then i try to reset some settings in the host with Complete Internet rapair 3. I didn't notice a huge difference just some settings were restored to default.</li> </ol> 1 Grub doesn't show OS selection menu when booting a dual boot setup Despicable 2013-03-06T03:53:48Z 2019-09-15T06:01:30Z <p>I have installed windows and Linux(ubuntu) on the same machine. Now the problem is when I start my machine, It goes directly to Linux and does not ask me for the selection of OS either I want to load Windows or Linux. </p> <p>How can I change setting that it ask me for the selection of OS? I guess it is the configuration at bios(machine) level so I asked this question here.</p> <p><strong>NOTE:</strong> I want to know settings for both cases either system directly loads Windows or Linux, what will be the settings to make it selected from user.</p> 2 How to extract part of a string between 2 delimiters, in Windows batch file? Devanshu 2014-01-17T11:27:31Z 2019-09-15T05:02:15Z <p>I have a variable length string starting with START and ending with END as delimiters. </p> <p>I want to extract the string between <code>START</code> and <code>END</code>.<br> I tried doing </p> <pre><code>SET _result=%String:~6,-4% ECHO %_result% </code></pre> <p>Its removing the first 5 characters but not the last 3 characters as I want.</p> <p>Suppose, <code>_result=STARTblahblahblahEND</code><br> I am getting the output as <code>blahblahblahEND</code></p> <p>What I want is: </p> <pre><code>blahblahblah </code></pre> 0 Merge local Windows 10 account to my Microsoft account Franva 2019-09-15T03:38:54Z 2019-09-15T04:21:25Z <p>I just installed my Windows 10 PC this Tuesday and installed all bunch of software that I need for my work and hobbies. That's a lot of apps and time spent on installing and setting them up.</p> <p>Then today, I just found that I logged in a local Windows 10 account, but once I switched to my Microsoft account which is associated with my Hotmail address, all installed apps(I installed them for All Users) need to be installed again, that's such a waste of space of my Hard Drive disk.</p> <p>May I just merge the local Windows 10 account into my Microsoft account?</p> <p>So that the app installed will be immediately available?</p> 0 What exactly is “C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\Programs”? nickylego10 2019-09-14T20:16:10Z 2019-09-15T03:57:00Z <p>This question is similar to <a href="">this</a> question. However, I'm still looking for more straightforward answers. Is “C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\<strong>Programs</strong>” the folder where installers install programs for a single user only? Is it like a “Program Files” folder but only for that particular user? Is this the recommended directory for installing single-user programs? I also looked on <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">this</a> website. </p> <p>This is not a duplicate of this <a href="">question</a>. I’m not talking about why data is stored in AppData, I’m asking what the purpose of the Programs folder is, which is located in %localappdata%</p> <p>Edit: I bolded the word “Programs” because that is a directory in %localappdata%. I want to figure out if that’s the directory to install programs to <strong>for that user</strong>. I don’t want people to think that I’m talking about %localappdata% itself.</p>  Microsoft office activator |  windows activation crack |  windows product key |  windows 10 product key |  windows 7 ultimate product key |  windows 7 keygen |  activate office 2010 |  office Project keys |  project professional product key |  office 365 office 2016 office 2013 key |  office 2016 office 2013 key |  windows 7 professional product key |  windows 8 professional product key |  windows 10 professional product key |  office 2016 professional product key |