I was having a discussion at work about the licensing model of Microsoft, in particular for SQL Server and we couldn't agree on the interpretation of "Active SA Quantity".

So the question is, if for SQL Server Ent. Lic. I have 10 Active SA Quantity, does that mean that we are covered for 20 cores on the server? (since licenses come in packs of 2)? What do you think?


  • I would reach out to the reseller you purchased these from and have them help you figure it out so you know 100% for sure rather than debating who is right. I though SQL Enterprise was only core based licensed (depending on when you first purchased the licenses) and those were 4 core minimum but I wouldn't guess on the licensing and if you don't understand then get with a licensing profession to get clarity on the topic and start with the reseller you originally purchased the licenses and SA to start and then you will know who it right colleague wise. – Pimp Juice IT Jun 3 '18 at 0:42

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