At my workspace we are using an AD. The Windows license are received by adding the computers to the domain.

Now because we have some mobile devices which often don't have a connection to the domain network we removed them from the domain after the Windows license got activated.

Is it possible that the Windows license somehow deactivated itself after the removal from the domain? Because we got a device that is not activated anymore - and we are 100% sure that it used to be. Running Windows 10 Enterprise btw.

And if that's the normal behavior: Do you have another idea to solve our problems? Apart from either keeping the computer within the domain but using local accounts to login or just using Windows 10 Pro?

Thank in advance

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    Why did you remove those computer from the domain? Credentials are cached indefinitely so you can even log in when a Domain Controller is not reachable. – Daniel B Aug 13 at 11:15
  • Mainly to avoid constant reminders about not being able to sync the user profile and the unavailability of the connected drives. You suggest just leaving them inside the domain? These devices are mainly used outside the network and it's really only about the Windows license for us. – confusedadmin Aug 13 at 11:28
  • KMS activation requires network contact to renew. Not sure whether it requires AD membership. // About notifications: I never get those, so your admin would simply have to disable roaming profiles I guess. – Daniel B Aug 13 at 11:52
  • OK thank you! I will try rejoining the domain but configuring using local profiles on said devices in that case. Do you know by any chance how often KMS is trying to renew the license? – confusedadmin Aug 13 at 12:02

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