These are the messages that come up if I want to delete or create a new folder on that drive.

Destination Folder Access Denied

It is a secondary drive and has NO FILES at all.

So far I have changed permissions, made myself the owner, icacls reset, chkdisk, sfc scan, error checking that repaired the drive when I restarted, multiple virus scans and the last thing I did was FORMAT my drive.

None of them worked.

I am thinking of just factory resetting at this point and hoping it will work, but is there anything else anyone thinks I could do that won't make me lose all my primary drives data?

I use a laptop, windows 8.1, the primary drive that has my OS is an SSD.


Since you've OS in your SSD and there is no data present in your HDD I'd try the below method first.

  • Open Command Prompt in elevated mode. (Press Start type cmd right click on search result and Run as administrator.

  • Press Yes when it shows the UAC dialogue box.

  • Type diskpart in command prompt and press enter.

  • Now type List disk and press enter.

  • Note down which one is your HDD drive and type Select disk 2 (Change the number according to your HDD number shown from the last command.

  • Now type clean and press enter. (Be careful this one deletes all data so make sure you've choosen right disk in select disk command.)

  • Then Create Partition Primary and enter.

  • Format fs=ntfs label=YourDesiredLabel and enter.

  • Assign and enter

  • Exit

Now, check if you have full access to the drive or not. I hope this will work for you.

And if this one still does not help then I doubt there is some problem with your hardware.

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