Since yesterday i have a problem that my D drive does not recognise me as admin anymore. meaning i cannot edit/delete or even save something on it. It also mentions my recycling bin in that D drive is damaged, ever since i got that pop up i cannot edit my d drive. I am on my personal pc, i've checked that i am an admin on my pc and that i have control over my drives. my C drive works fine and i can do whatever with it.

im running on windows 8/8.1 (not sure) if thats any importance

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    Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 while similar, small details, can sometimes matter. They are NOT the same OS. – Ramhound Sep 22 at 6:50
  • As for the reason, your recycle bin is being "damaged" that is to you not having ownership of it, sounds like you should take ownership of the drive. Have you tried that? – Ramhound Sep 22 at 6:59
  • how do i do that?, also running on 8.1 – SvH Sep 22 at 7:01
  • So edit your question, now that you know, what you are running – Ramhound Sep 22 at 7:29

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