I'm using Cold Turkey for blocking distracting websites, but I unfortunately put it to 20 days and it now gets really annoying.

Many "solutions" on the internet I have stumbled upon are for Cold Turkey versions which store their values (what to block and when it's over and so on) in a text-file. But it seems like Cold Turkey has improved and stores it's values in a SQL-Lite-Database.

Just going into the task manager and killing the process doesn't do much as the Cold Turkey - process pops up around 2 seconds later.

Also one "solution" suggested to go into the "host"-file system32/windows/drivers/etc/hosts and delete the entries Cold Turkey has written in there. Unfortunately - there are no entries.

Is there another way then restoring the computer to an old point (or even setting up the computer completely knew) to still get rid of Cold Turkey or bypass it?


What came to my mind is to just create a virtual Ubuntu-Computer with VirtualBox. (It only takes around 10-30 minutes, but only 10 minutes for you, as the rest is installing and downloading)

Here's a tutorial: https://askubuntu.com/questions/142549/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-virtualbox#153098

That's not how you can get around the block or deinstall cold turkey, but you can access (blocked) webpages on the same physical computer.

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