I recently upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. Among other features I noticed that now when I search for things from the start menu like applications another panel that I wasn't seeing before appears. It's similar to the second panel that shows up when you do a web search from the start menu but it displays buttons such as run as administrator that were previously only available via right click. I found it immensely useful.

But a few restarts later that panel stopped appearing and it hasn't since. I didn't know what the panel is called, so I couldn't Google it. Does anyone here know what I'm talking about and at least tell me what it's called? Even better would be telling me if and how I can get it back.

Thanks in advance!

Edit to be more clear:

  1. The options that showed up were not exactly what shows up in the right click menu, there were just similarities. Options included run as administrator and i think open file location.
  2. They showed up in a panel to the right of the search results and were the same width and height.
  3. I was searching from the start menu for applications.

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