I'm trying to get remote printers to work over shared remote desktop sessions on Windows Server 2016.

They were working before, now they are not, and they continue to reset themselves after I set them up. Before the remote laptops connecting were Windows 7 Pro machines, now we've upgraded them to Windows 10 Pro, that's when the problems started.

Here's the setup.

Two remote laptops both Windows 10 Pro. They are on their own remote network, outside of the network where the Windows Server 2016 is at.

They both have one HP network printer, same printer over wifi, and the one has a Star receipt printer.

Both can print locally to the HP just fine, over the wifi.

We will call the laptop with the Star receipt printer laptopX, and the other laptopY.

LaptopX can print locally to the receipt printer fine. When logged into the remote desktop session X can print fine to receipt printer, not to the HP. I have to manually create an HP printer, then point the port to the HP printer redirected. The redirected number changes each time, so each morning when they reconnect I have to go in and change the manual HP over to the port of the new redirect HP. For some reason this works and X can now print from remote session to the HP.

I'm trying to allow laptopY to print to the receipt printer, so the only way I found to do it was to create a manual printer as admin, call it Star1, and point it's port to redirected star printer from LaptopX. Under this scenario LaptopY can print to the receipt printer that LaptopX has locally. Since laptopY has the same issue that X does with the HP, I simply have them use the manual HP to print.

This is a convoluted mess, never had to do this with Windows 7 Pro, now after upgrading to 10 on the laptops this is the mess that we have. Nothing else has changed in settings since upgrading to 10, we simply installed printers locally, connected to the remote desktop session as we normally would, not I have to do all this to make it work.

Before the upgrade to 10, both could print to the local HP from the remote session, and X could print to the receipt printer fine, and Y could print to a copy I made of star pointing to the port of X so that it could print fine. This wasn't a problem before as the redirected number didn't change every morning, now it does.

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