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I discovered I have not installed the latest 1809 update on my Windows Education that I run at home. When I fetch for updates I can only see:

You're up to date

But, I know I am missing the 1809 update. How should I install it?

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But, I know I am missing the 1809 update. How should I install it?

You currently cannot because Microsoft has retracted the update as people complained about their My Documents being removed if they didn't have the latest version of OneDrive.

So how to install, wait until Microsoft releases the update again, then you can install it. So technically speaking, yes, you are indeed up-to-date.

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Because Microsoft temporarily removed the 1809 update from Windows Update, due to the "deletes user files" bug that could happen on some PCs

edit: as of 13 november, the update has been re-released, you can get it now: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4464619/windows-10-update-history (rollout will happen in the next days, it might not be immediately available for your device)

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