I am using 2 extended monitors with Windows10 and when I turn off one of them all the open windows move to the other screen, as when the monitor is disconnected at all.

Is there any configuration to keep the open windows and applications on the same screen even if it is turned off?

Could it be because the hardware?

Thank you

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    Turning off and disconnecting is practically the same so the same behavior should be expected. – GabrielaGarcia Nov 9 at 10:55
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    I used same configuration in Windows 7 and it was not happening. Also monitors are different, maybe the behaviour is different because of that. – IGalarraga Nov 9 at 10:59
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    @IGalarraga There are significant changes between how Windows 10 and Windows 7 treated multiple displays. However, in my experience, for restoration of the monitor will move the shortcuts back to the other monitor. Specifications on your displays and how they are connected is vital information – Ramhound Nov 9 at 12:59
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    Windows 10 will uninstall monitors if they are DisplayPort, some DVI and some HDMI connections. This means that if you turn off the display, the monitor is uninstalled, and applications move to a different screen because the monitor no longer exists. As such, applications will reposition to their current location based on what the new resolution of the virtual desktop space is. If you power on that monitor, and it is installed again, the windows move back. VGA (D-SUB) is not affected in any case. – LPChip Nov 9 at 13:21
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    These comments would be useful answers guys :) – bertieb Nov 12 at 20:20

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