Good evening,

Following my previous post, I would like to customize the actions that are linked to buttons through answer files with Windows System Image Manager (WSIM).

I would like to assign "shutdown" to the power button and "sleep" to the sleep button, but I can't find any documentation about those buttons in Microsoft unattended Docs.

However, I have found this topic which shows some information about the buttons and maybe some settings about them.

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  • What you describe should be the default behavior of those buttons. – Ramhound Nov 9 at 13:11
  • @Ramhound Actually those buttons don't have any specific action assigned. It is a Windows 10 IoT Enterprise CBB edition. – Major Squirrel Nov 9 at 16:02
  • What documentation does Microsoft have on this? It seems if they offered the buttons in this edition, they would also either bind them to something or allow them to be bound. – music2myear Nov 10 at 0:27