I have very long Windows 7 uptimes - many weeks. I would have them much longer - I need it for my workflows.

The only trouble which forces me to restart: Alt-Gr loses its function, and then I can't have signs like @ or . After rebooting the OS, all keyboard functions are back - until the machine decides again "oh, I've been working too long, it's time to cancel the Alt-Gr functions"... Grrr.

What is the problem? Can i get Alt-Gr functions back without to restart the machine?

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    Does the workaround Ctrl+Alt+key also cease to function? – LotPings Nov 9 at 15:26
  • Wow, nice workaround :) thank you - yes, it works... Well, now is the pressure to restart is a bit away:) – Evgeniy Nov 9 at 15:45

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